The Only Way To Compete with Digital Disruptors Is To Start Thinking and Acting Like One, Forrester Says

According to a new book from Forrester Research, Inc., the only way for established businesses to compete with digital disruptors is to start thinking and acting like one.

The book, Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation, written by James McQuivey, a Forrester vice president and principal analyst, will be available for sale February 19, 2013. According to Forrester, Digital Disruption lays out the necessary steps to take, and the tools to use, to disrupt any business. To succeed in today’s disruptive climate, Forrester says, businesses must first learn and adopt the digital disruptor’s mindset, to take risks, invest as little as possible, and build on existing platforms to find the fastest path to solving a customer’s problem. Second, they must behave like a digital disruptor by flipping their thinking to focus on the products and services their customers want, instead of the new products they know they can easily market and sell. Lastly, businesses need to disrupt themselves by making disruption a C-level priority, eliminating internal barriers to disruption, and creating small internal teams to focus on disruptive opportunities.

“People think they know what digital disruption is, and they think they are prepared for it. What they don’t get is the impact it will have on their business once it hits them,” said McQuivey. “Traditional disruption took time and money and lots of it. With the free tools and existing platforms on the market today, digital disruption has the power to disrupt businesses at a pace that can be devastating to those operating under old-school rules.” Additional information about the book is available on the company’s website. (Forrester Research, Inc., 617-613-5791,

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