Ninety-Four Percent of Hospitals Surveyed Suffered Data Breaches, Average Cost: $7 Billion

Healthcare organizations face an uphill battle in their efforts to stop data breaches, according to the Third Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy & Data Security by Ponemon Institute.

The study, sponsored by sponsored by ID Experts, found that 94 percent of healthcare organizations surveyed suffered at least one data breach; 45 percent of organizations experienced more than five data breaches during the past two years. Data breaches are an ongoing operational risk that could be costing the U.S. healthcare industry an average of $7 billion annually.

A new finding indicates that 69 percent of organizations surveyed do not secure medical devices—such as mammogram imaging and insulin pumps—which hold patients’ protected health information (PHI). Overall, the research indicates that patients and their PHI are at increased risk for medical identity theft. Risks to patient privacy are expected to increase, as mobile and cloud technology become pervasive. (For more information contact: Ponemon Institute, 231-938-9900,

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