Manhattan Research: Pharmaceutical Companies To Leverage Digital Media To Market Directly To New Decision Makers

According to a recent study from Manhattan Research, pharmaceutical companies have an opportunity to leverage digital media and online channels to reach and provide services to formulary decision-makers, nurses and pharmacists, as well as doctors and patients.

With the Affordable Care Act requiring healthcare providers and formulary decision-makers to concentrate on strategies and treatments that improve outcomes and reduce costs, the pharmaceutical companies that can provide them with the support and services to manage the changing dynamics of the healthcare marketplace will have a clear advantage.

“Pharma [pharmaceutical companies] is reconsidering who their customer is, and not a day too soon,” said Monique Levy, Manhattan Research, research vice president. “The good news is that nurses, formulary decision makers and pharmacists are highly accessible online and recognize that pharma can add value and help them succeed in this new outcome-based world.”

Here are a few of the findings from the report:

  •  Over 4 in 5 hospital-based formulary decision makers are interested in any form of ongoing support and resources from pharmaceutical companies, including help with such items as developing provider education materials, economic models, and patient education materials.
  •  Over 3 in 4 retail, hospital and specialty pharmacists have used or are interested in using online promotional programs from pharmaceutical companies including; webinars, self-guided virtual details, and live one on one sessions with pharmaceutical reps.
  •  3 in 5 registered nurses expressed interest in accessing information on patient assistance programs, and links to disease sites for professionals on pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturer websites.

(For additional information contact: Manhattan Research, 212-255-1368,

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