Gartner: Security Concerns To Drive Nearly One Third of All BYOD Purchasing Criteria By 2015

Security concerns are projected to drive 30 percent of all bring-your-own-device (BYOD) purchasing criteria by 2015, according to a recent Gartner, Inc. report. With consumer adoption and willingness to pay for antivirus software on mobile devices low and consumer use of personal mobile devices for work purposes high, security providers have an opportunity to assist enterprise BYOD initiatives.

“The use of personal devices at work matches high-enterprise demand for solutions to the BYOD security problem,” said Ruggero Contu, Gartner research director. “This presents providers of both consumer and enterprise endpoint security products with an opportunity to enforce security to private devices and potentially expand their footprint into the consumer space. Consequently, product managers at consumer security providers need to adopt strategies that allow consumer security use on personal devices in the enterprise workplace.”

Additional findings and Gartner recommendations from the BYOD Initiatives Offer New Opportunities for Consumer Security Providers report include:

  • Product managers are advised to expand traditional consumer product security to include all mobile device platforms as well as traditional desktop and laptop offerings.
  • Since consumers are less willing to pay for mobile security than for traditional desktops and laptops, product managers should pay attention to pricing and product go-to-market models.
  • Specific demographics (such as gender, age and IT skills) are key factors in determining both security demands and willingness to invest in security capabilities, so product managers should target specific consumer security products to specific demographics.
  • Consumer security market providers will face challenges from the low use of security products on new mobile platforms combined with decreasing PC sales.
  • The average IT-savvy consumer has five or more devices at home that connect to the Internet.
  • consumers are far more likely to have an antivirus program installed on their laptops and desktops while tablets, while mobile phones and gaming systems that connect to the Internet are often left unprotected.

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