Corporate iOS Users Consumed 6X More Data Than Blackberry Users…55% of Data is Non-Business Usage

According to research funded by Wandera, a provider of Mobile Data Optimization (MDO), the global workforce is driving runaway growth in data usage while creating an increasing cost and management headache for enterprise mobility teams.

Both domestic and roaming data usage are significantly up (8% Quarter on Quarter, and 16% QoQ respectively), driven by the increased adoption of 4G, tablets and the video usage referenced below.

Researchers at Wandera also found that iOS and Android users consume significantly more data than BlackBerry users. With access to a wider variety of data-rich applications and a better browsing experience, enterprise iOS users consumed 6X more data than corporate BlackBerry users in Q3, while Android users consumed 5.5X more.

Video and audio streaming accounted for the single largest portion of cellular data used on all devices — 23% of the total sample. This was closely followed by email (21%), and then geolocation services/maps (14%), browser traffic (12%) and social media (8%). App download traffic was particularly high in September due to the release of iOS7.

Over half (55%) of corporate data is used for non business purposes. The report also revealed that nearly the same amount of data was used by employees on weekends as on weekdays, further indicating that a significant portion corporate data spend is going towards employees’ personal use.

Other significant enterprise mobility trends outlined in the report include:

* A minority of employees consumed the majority of data. This is often skewed towards management departments.

* Employee mobile habits were consistent whether domestic or roaming.

* Peak data usage coincided with work commute times and nearly 50% more data was used on Fridays vs. Mondays.

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