Mobile Ads Expected to Rise in 2014

Mobile ads have come on strong in 2013, and they’ll continue to rise in 2014. A new report from research firm eMarketer revealed that mobile ad spending will reach $9.6 billion in 2013, more than double what it was in 2012. That trend should continue into 2014, when spending is expected to reach $14.97 billion. From mobile search ads to apps to YouTube, new platforms are making it easier to reach users on their most personal devices.


Long-term YouTube visitors remember the days when videos loaded without interruption. Today, YouTube takes advantage of its more than 1 billion unique monthly users by placing advertisements at the beginning of many videos. These ads range from 30 seconds to three minutes and are often commercials we see on TV. The difference, in many cases, is that users have the option to skip these advertisements. Through YouTube’s mobile ad function TrueView, viewers can click in the bottom right corner to skip an ad after five seconds. Google VP Neal Mohan revealed that businesses that take advantage of this function are three times more likely to engage viewers. Users appreciate the freedom to avoid ads, but sometimes its just hard to click through a clever spot. Expect even more mobile YouTube ads in 2014.

Mobile Search Ads

Business looking to drive traffic to their mobile websites have plenty of options. Mobile search ads are just like conventional search ads. These sponsored posts pop up when users search for certain keywords. Businesses can pay per impression, click or acquisition.

Some wonder whether search advertising translates to the mobile platform, so Google set out to find answers. In a study that examined 327 advertising accounts in 12 different industries, Google found that 88 percent of clicks on search ads would not have been supplemented by organic results. In the business & industrial vertical, the number was even higher. Ninety-four percent of mobile ad clicks were incremental.

Now that we know these ads are effective, businesses should focus on creating quality mobile websites. Users are much less likely to interact with a site if it’s not optimized for mobile devices. Optimize your website and watch the traffic flow in.

Apps in Any Industry

The mobile advertising real estate is growing every day through apps. These specialized programs provide businesses with industry-related platforms to pump your products or services. Twitter is one of the fastest-growing mobile advertisers through its promoted tweets program. Like search ads, promoted tweets pop up only when Twitter recognizes the identified keywords. A company like may buy promoted tweets to be directed toward users who search for cloud computing. Thousands of other apps offer unused advertising space. Target your audience based on these programs’ demographics to land new business.


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