Executive Conference Explores Short- Mid- and Long-term Strategies for Enterprise Computing

NTT Global ForumThe urgencies and demands associated with making it through the day often prevent enterprise technology executives from fully understanding the issues on the horizon that will fundamentally transform the way business is done.  This happens despite the fact that forces are already at work to make many of the actions we take today dangerously obsolete tomorrow.

That is why the upcoming conference hosted by NTT Communications on “Delivering the Future with the Seamless Cloud” — to be held October 5, 2014 at the Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes Orlando, Florida — is such an important event.

Most planning processes begin by assessing the current state of business and the economy to suggest the steps executives should take over the next five, ten and 15 years.  For this event, well respected futurists and analysts will describe the social, demographic, economic and technological meta-trends that will define our global societies twenty years down the road.  Armed with a firm understanding of how humanity will use increasingly technology-driven culture to adapt to unfolding historical forces, a panel of thought leaders on the development and implementation of information technology will discuss the practical options available to manage our careers — and lead our organizations — toward long-term success.

Join this executive day of exploration as we examine:

* A View of The Future — Dr. James Canton will present our keynote on the future of cloud computing. A world-renowned business strategist and futurist, Dr. Canton will share his forecast for the latest technology trends.

* Exclusive State of the Industry Insight — NTT and CIO Magazine have joined together to underwrite a study on the state of the technology industry. It will be presented by Lane F. Cooper, a researcher, reporter and editor with more than 20 years of experience analyzing the business and technology industry.

* Seamless Cloud Interactive Round Table — Some of NTT’s most forward thinking clients will discuss how they are future-proofing IT strategies. Ask questions and join the conversation.

* Innovation in a Cloud Filled World — Learn how enterprises can harness innovation through the cloud, as experienced thought leaders share valuable information, lessons learned, and new capabilities to drive successful growth in your organization.

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About lcooper

Lane Cooper has over 20 years of experience as a researcher, reporter and editor analyzing the business and technology industry. On average, Lane meets with 600 CIOs and senior enterprise executives every year to understand the impact of evolving technological developments on organizations of all sizes across all industries. He has organized and moderated many live and online events and works with a variety of high-tech organizations to ensure that information is presented in a context that is useful to an audience of sophisticated technology buyers and implementers. He is a Contributing Content Partner to CIO Magazine, Network World and Computerworld. Other news services and magazines that have carried his by-line include: Voice Report, Network World, Byte Magazine, TechWeb, Optimize, Information Week, Telephony, Communications Week, ComWeek International, and Enterprise Systems Journal. He lives in Washington DC, where he is the Editorial Director of BizTechReports, an independent reporting agency that analyzes user trends in business technology.