Infosys Study Shows Early Signs of Machine-to-Data Tech Adoption

infosys logoGlobal manufacturing companies are beginning to recognize the business value of technologies that can increase asset efficiency, but deployment is lagging, according to a new Infosys study.

Infosys and the Institute for Industrial Management (FIR) at the University of Aachen, Germany (RWTH) conducted the global study, which polled more than 400 industrial manufacturing and process industry executives in the U.S., UK, China, France, and Germany.

The research revealed that the largest improvements planned over the next five years are in the areas of information interoperability, data standardization and advanced analytics.Prospectus1

Because manufacturing is so energy intensive, the majority (88 percent) of the companies surveyed have identified energy management as a critical factor for achieving asset efficiency. However, only 15 percent have systematic and integrated implementation of energy efficiency throughout the lifecycle of assets in place.

The study found that 85 percent of global manufacturing companies are aware of the potential of technologies in increasing asset efficiency. However, only 15 percent of enterprises surveyed have already implemented dedicated strategies to this end by analyzing machine data.

Fifty-seven percent of companies measure the operational efficiency of production machinery and production systems with indicators, but only 13 percent do so in real-time or use real-time data for maintenance. The United States led the pack with 21 percent, while Germany and France reported lower levels –nine and six percent respectively.

While 81 percent of respondents are aware of the potential of machine condition surveillance for enhancing maintenance, only 17 percent have put such principles into practice. Additionally, 89 percent are aware of the high potential of information efficiency, yet only 11 percent have systematically implemented this.

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