IDC: Security, Risk and Connectivity Identified as Top Priorities for Corporate Treasurers in Asia/Pacific

idc-logoIDC Financial Insights shared today the results of its recently published 2015 Asian CFO Survey which identified security, risk and connectivity as the top priorities for corporate treasurers.

“Corporate treasurers and financial managers today have new requirements for corporate banks to help their businesses in a digital era that requires more speed, accuracy, and flexibility. Ultimately, they demand real-time access to data about transactions, liquidity, investments, and debt — across the entire enterprise, across borders, and across bank relationships,” says Thomas Zink, Research Manager, IDC Financial Insights.

The 2015 Asian CFO Survey asks Asia’s most senior treasury and finance professionals about their investment priorities, bank selection and retention criteria, expected improvements from their corporate banks, and the impact of mobile banking applications on their business.

“In an increasingly regional and global operating environment, corporations look for banking partners that can support their complex liquidity needs across borders, across multiple currencies and offer real-time, inexpensive, and efficient connectivity solutions,” added Zink.

The survey findings are broken down into two reports – one covering general trends for corporate bankers (Business Strategy: Asian CFO Survey — Corporate and Transaction Banking Trends in Asia/Pacific), the second drills deeper into needs, challenges and opportunities of improved bank-to-corporate connectivity (Business Strategy: 2015 Asian CFO Survey — Bank-to-Corporate Connectivity Trends in Asia/Pacific).

“The future of corporate banking is real-time, particularly with the rise of more immediate payments systems in the region,” says Zink.  “Moving forward, banks would not be able to get away with updating data once a week. Their corporate clients will demand real-time transactions and data delivery,” Zink added.

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