Global Tablet Market Poised to Stage a Comeback, GIA Says

Global Tablet shipments are expected to buck the current downward trend to reach a projected 161 million units by 2022, according to new research from Global Industry Analysts (GIA).   Emerging gia logotrends in the commercialization of laplets and detachable tablets – as well as their potential to counter immediate challenges posed by competitive substitution by phablets, longer replacement cycles, less frequent software patching and lack of table hardware upgrades — will drive the growth.

Laplets and detachable tablets, are poised to generate positive growth in shipments starting in 2018 supported by their three important attributes: mobility, content creation and productivity.

Other factors benefiting market prospects for tablets post 2018 include eLearning adoption via tablets; substitution of large traditional POS systems by tablet POS systems; increasing adoption of tablets for military use; innovative apps that are transforming computing experience for tablet users; and the expected proliferation of professional tablets with detachable keyboards in the enterprise sector. Europe represents the largest market worldwide.

Growing consumer preference for branded, well-designed tablets incorporating innovative features and technologies — in addition to a robust OS platform — is expected to drive positive growth for the market in the coming years.

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